Books and Waffles


I recently discovered that I love waffles. (I mean, there was never a point where I didn’t love waffles, but I recently learned how much I love waffles. Before I never appreciated them because I never got “real” waffles, just frozen ones. But that has changed and so has my life.)

And I love books.

And since I like to take pictures of both and talk about both, I thought why not put them together?

I’ve always had a problem with my writing blog becoming a book blog and vice versa. I would go through seasons where I’d just post about books. Then I’d spend months just posting about writing and/or things I had written. It never seemed to meld together effectively, and I didn’t want to be just one of those conglomeration blogs where anything and everything could appear. I wanted separation and organization. I wanted book reviews and bookish things and I wanted writing and writing things.

I’m keeping my other blog as a writing blog. Maybe other things too. But this. This will be about books. And sometimes waffles. (Okay, a lot of the time waffles.)


Books and waffles.

Here we go.

Gentleman (1)


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