The Versatile Blogger Award

Since this week’s Top Ten Tuesday post doesn’t interest me (it’s about movies/TV shows and not books), I’m going to complete the Versatile Blogger Award post! I was nominated by Keri @ Are You My Book? Thank you so much!

The Rules

Thank the person who nominated you
Leave a link to their blog
Tell us 7 things about yourself
Nominate 15 blogs/bloggers you’ve discovered recently or follow regularly

This is the original website with all the rules, but it hasn’t been updated since February of 2017.

The Facts

Fact 1: I started Books and Waffles a year ago after writing book reviews on a blogspot blog for six years without getting any traffic. After only a year, I have more followers, likes, and comments than I ever did on my blogger blog. It makes me both sad and excited.

Fact 2: I own five bookshelves, and they don’t have enough room for all of the books in my house. (One bookshelf is full of just manga. It’s mainly my husband’s, but still.)

Fact 3: I married my best friend on March 25, 2018 because that’s the day the Ring was destroyed in The Return of the King. Also, it’s weird to call him my husband or to say I’m married. I don’t feel old enough.

Fact 4: I don’t just like reading books, I also like to write them. I’m usually writing in some form, even if it’s in my head. To read more about my writing (and other life adventures), you can check out my other blog, The Dancing Lawn.

Fact 5: I don’t eat waffles nearly as often as this blog makes it seem. I usually take several pictures each time I eat waffles, capturing four or five books. I read wayyy too many books to eat waffles every time I finish a book.

Fact 6: I like to “play” with art. I don’t consider myself a good artist, but I like to dabble with it. For a few years, I’ve kept art/smash journals to document my year, but I haven’t finished my 2017 journal yet. I’m more than a year behind. Recently, I’ve dabbled with bullet journals, but I haven’t quite figured out what I want out of that yet either.

Fact 7: I “pretend” I play video games more than I do. I have a lot of knowledge about new and popular games, but I don’t play video games as often as I wish I did. I guess I keep learning I’d rather be reading. I’ve also cut down on the amount of TV shows I watch. And people always ask me how I read so many books every year…

The Tags

Kristen @ Coffee and Literary Rage

Jameson @ Lovely Whatsoevers

Kelly @ A Pre-Prosed Adventure

Nicole @ Book-Wyrm-Knits

Crystallinegirl @ Goddess in the Stacks

Annnd that’s all I’m tagging because I don’t spend enough time on other people’s blogs apparently. I don’t think I could even tag 15 blogs if I tagged every single blog I follow. Most of them don’t post regularly.


10 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

    • Those planners look amazing. I think if I tried that my life would change. I’ll have to stick with drawing my own for now, though.

      Thanks for the recommendation!


      • You’re welcome! I loved the flexibility of drawing my own spreads for a long time, but then suddenly was done with it. It was either change planner styles or stop entirely, and there was no way I wanted to stop keeping my life organized, LOL.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I completely understand that. I’ll probably get to that point someday, but for now, I’m okay trying to draw things out. I’m keeping it simple, though.


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