Book Review: William Shakespeare’s Get Thee… Back to the Future! by Ian Doescher

A few months ago, I caved and listened to the audiobook version of William Shakespeare’s Star Wars trilogy by Ian Doescher. It was ridiculous but fun. So I was delighted to learn that Ian Doescher was continuing the shenanigans with more pop culture classics, such as Back to the Future and Mean Girls. I won a copy of William Shakespere’s Get Thee… Back to the Future! through Goodreads, so I thought, why not read it?

Get Thee Back to the Future

By all rights, these books probably shouldn’t exist. I mean, who even thinks of meshing Shakespeare with pop culture movies? But I will confess that it is a lot of fun.

My favorite aspect of these retellings is reading well-known quotes in Shakespearean language: “Dost thou tell me thou built a time machine inside the frame of a DeLorean?” or “Wither we go, we have no need of roads.” It cracks me up.

But Ian Doescher goes above and beyond with his Shakespearean retellings. He doesn’t just go line by line, rewriting so it fits with the iambic pentameter syllable pattern. He adds Easter eggs, hidden acrostic messages, clever references, and even footnotes that explore Einstein’s internal thoughts. There are illustrations included as well, which are both fun and reminiscent of the movie.

While I hope to listen to an audiobook version someday, I think the text version is a brilliant and entertaining retelling of a classic film. I hope Ian Doescher continues to write more Shakespeare retellings, possibly more in the Back to the Future franchise. After all, just because where we’re going we don’t need roads doesn’t mean we don’t need fun books!

~I received a copy of William Shakespeare’s Get Thee… Back to the Future! by Ian Doescher from the publisher through a Goodreads giveaway. I chose to write this review of my own free will. All opinions are my own.~


2 thoughts on “Book Review: William Shakespeare’s Get Thee… Back to the Future! by Ian Doescher

  1. That’s a ton of fun! I listened to The Jedi Doth Return as well, and loved that (I read print copies of the first two in the Star Wars trilogy) so I might have to read or listen to this one as well.

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    • It is! The Star Wars Shakespeare audiobooks are amazing. I listened to the Original Trilogy versions. I’d like to listen to the audiobook for Back to the Future at some point as well.

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