Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-Buy Authors

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is Auto-Buy Authors. I’m not sure if any author is 100% an auto-buy for me because I do look at the book they are publishing before I decide to buy it or not. There are several others, though, that I trust will write good books, no matter what, and I most likely will buy their new books.

Leigh Bardugo: I own all of her books to date, but I am hesitant about Ninth House because I’ve heard it’s way darker than anything else she’s written. Will I buy it? Most likely.

Marissa Meyer: While Heartless wasn’t exactly what I wanted from a Queen of Hearts retelling, Marissa Meyer has yet to disappoint me. After she finishes up the Renegades trilogy, I’m excited to see what she’ll publish next.

Emily Bain Murphy: I’ve only read one of Emily’s books (the only one she has published), but I’m excited for more and will definitely keep an eye on new books.

Mary Weber: Mary is both a wonderful author and a wonderful person. She puts so much heart into her stories that I never fear that I won’t like her stories.

Rick Riordan: I love everything Rick Riordan writes, even if not every story is my favorite. I will always read and always buy (at some point) his books.

Lisa T. Bergren: I haven’t bought everything Lisa T. Bergren publishes, but I own a whole shelf full of them. I love her attention to detail in her historical fiction and her ability to fuse those details with more than romance.

Kristen Ciccarelli: I’m eagerly awaiting the publication of The Sky Weaver, book three in the Iskari series, but I’m excited to see what else Kristen has to offer as well. She has a way with story-telling.

Lisa Maxwell: I don’t love everything Lisa Maxwell has published, but The Last Magician series has me convinced that anything she writes from here on out will be good. I may not immediately buy the books, but I’ll read them and decide if I should purchase it.

Donita K. Paul: If Donita writes about dragons, I will buy a copy.

Emily A. Duncan: Emily may be the exception to the “I’ll look at the content first” rule because I went to school with her. I will support buying her books, no matter what she writes. I trust it’ll be good anyways.

Which authors do you trust to always write good books to buy? Don’t forget to join the link-up!



19 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-Buy Authors

    • I know a few other people who are interested in Six of Crows and not Grisha as well, so you’re not alone. I tell people as long as they don’t care for mild spoilers of the Grisha to just read Six of Crows. They are definitely different books, even if they’re set in the same world. The same is for King of Scars–a lot different than either of her other series.


  1. That picture has a lot of Rick Riordan’s books! Impressive.

    I agree that “auto-buy” for me comes with a disclaimer. There aren’t many authors I’ll buy regardless of content. Probably the only one where I don’t look at the content first is Seanan McGuire. However, that’s only what she publishes as McGuire. Her Mira Grant work I know is going to have a different tone, and is not on my auto-buy list. (Pseudonyms can be so helpful!)

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    • The crazy thing is that picture doesn’t even show ALL the books I have by Rick Riordan. I have PJO in paperback as well as a few of the “guide” books. And I don’t all of his books, either.

      And yeah, content still matters to me when I buy. But I will MOST LIKELY buy from these authors because they haven’t steered me wrong and their books usually interest me.


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