Book Review: Friend or Fiction by Abby Cooper

Friend or Fiction by Abby Cooper is a fun, light-hearted middle grade novel about family and friends, but it also provides fantastic advice for writing as well.

Friend or Fiction

Stuck in a no-name town in Colorado due to her father’s cancer diagnosis, Jade has a hard time keeping friendships. So she creates a best friend instead and writes about their adventures in her notebook. But when Zoe appears in real life, Jade isn’t sure if she likes sharing her best friend with the world. 

Like most middle grade novels, Friend or Fiction includes typical themes such as friendship, jealousy, dealing with hardships, and family. Despite that Jade’s father has been diagnosed with cancer, which puts a burden on Jade’s young shoulders, Friend or Fiction keeps an upbeat and light-hearted tone.

The concept of an imaginary friend coming to life is a lot of fun, and I appreciate that Abby Cooper also includes a lot of great writing advice alongside the important themes of family and friendships.

Overall, Friend or Fiction is a decent middle grade novel perfect for the intended audience. Due to it’s simple and straightforward plot line, it may be a bit too bland for an older audience.

~I received an early digital copy of Friend or Fiction by Abby Cooper from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.~

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