Top Ten Tuesday: Character Traits I Love

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is Character Traits I Love. I’m bad at remembering what is considered a character trait or the correct terminology for them, so read this list with that in mind.

Sassy: I love when characters are sassy and witty and sarcastic and have excellent dialogue that just makes you go, “Ohhh!” like we’re back in middle school or something. Examples: Puck Connolly, Kamala Khan, Sophie Hatter, Rhen Tellur, Fie, Blue Sargent.

Brutally honest: When characters are brutally honest, it cuts me deep. So many characters try to hide true feelings or parts of their past, so it’s somewhat relieving when there’s a character who is honest. Examples: Anne Shirley, Annabeth Chase, Lucy Pevensie, Ronan Lynch.

Loyalty: Give me all the loyal characters. I will die for them. Examples: Samwise Gamgee, Jean Valjean, Helene Aquilla, Newt Scamander, Adam Parrish, Mikasa Ackerman.

Stubborn: Stubborn characters make books better, especially when there are multiple characters who are stubborn coming against each other or won’t admit feelings and you’re sitting there reading and going, “Just kiss already!” It’s aggravating. I love it. Examples: Laura Ingalls, Meg Murry, Iku Kasahara, Asha, Kate Harker.

Brooding: Who doesn’t like a good, brooding character? Examples: Kaz Brekker, Elias Veturius, Howl, Mr. Darcy, Levi, Malachiasz.

Perceptive: I love when characters are super perceptive (like Sherlock Holmes level of perception) and pick up on subtle things. I hate when they’re supposedly perceptive and super dense about certain things. Examples: Sherlock Holmes, Locke Lamora, R.F. Jackaby.

Confident: So many characters are uncertain about their abilities or have poor self-esteem, woe is me attitudes. It’s nice when a character is actually confident in their ability to do something. Except, they can’t be too confident. You know? Examples: Cresswell Thorne, Calvin O’Keefe, Nikolai Lantsov, Nina Zenik. (We need more female characters who are confident.)

Reluctant: Give me all the reluctant heroes. I need them for my collection. Examples: Aragorn, Katniss Everdeen, Bilbo Baggins, Prince Caspian.

Cinnamon Roll: I love when characters are 1. unashamed cinnamon rolls or 2. secretly cinnamon rolls that don’t want to admit all their squishy feelings. I love you! Examples: Gilbert Blythe, Percy Jackson, Max Vandenburg, Armin Arlet, Alphonse Elric, August Flynn.

Hot mess: I live for characters who are a hot mess and everybody knows it. Like yes, thank you for making me seem like I’ve got my crap together because you are royally screwing everything up right now. Examples: Jason Gray, Eragon, Eren Jaeger, Ed Elric, Gansey, Monty.

What character traits do you love? Don’t forget to join the link-up!




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