New Year, New Waffles

I meant to write this a few days ago so I could have it ready to go to post this morning, but somehow during the busyness of the holidays, trying to finish actual writing and reading goals, and organizing other things, I forgot.


Usually, I forget and write these kinds of posts days late or even months late, so apparently I’m on a better track than before.

I started Books and Waffles so I could have a place to talk about books separate from my original blog, The Dancing Lawn. I wanted that blog to flourish into writing and life updates, but it never really happened like I dreamed. Over the past two-ish years since starting Books and Waffles, I’ve found a community here of book lovers that I haven’t found on The Dancing Lawn.

So I’m stepping away from The Dancing Lawn and combining the ideas I had for that with Books and Waffles. In addition to book reviews and Top Ten Tuesday posts, I’ll share writing updates, life updates, and hopefully more. Keeping everything together in one blog and not stressing about whether I’ve posted this week or this month on the other seems much more achievable for me at this point in life. Plus, writing goes hand-in-hand with reading books.

That being said, I have a few goals I’d like to continue during the new year. While I frequently make new goals (almost every month) for writing, there are a few stories I’ve been working on that I want to keep going with for January. Rewriting several, reading feedback from another, doing research to help with the rewriting. I might do a separate post later on with more detail or I’ll just update at needed intervals.

I also have reading goals. I own a lot of books that I haven’t read. (Last count was around 90.) So I want to participate in the Backlist Reader Challenge hosted by Lark at The Bookwrym’s Hoard. I don’t have a set number of books I want to read—though based on past years of reading 90 books isn’t a challenge if I can stay focused on older books instead of shiny new releases—but I just want to read as many as I can.

Every month I force myself to read a certain amount of books in specific genres that I would normally ignore (contemporary, non-fiction, classic, audiobooks), so I’ve added reading two books from my physical TBR to that as well. Two isn’t a lot per month compared to how many I own, but I figure I’ll end up reading more than two anyways. Two will be the minimum.

I’ve set my Goodreads goal at 250 since I barely reached that goal in 2019. I like to give myself a challenge, so I’m hoping I’ll surpass 250. (Note: I include comics and manga on Goodreads, so that helps ease the burden of trying to read all novels.) In 2019, I read a total of 181 novels, so I want to, again, challenge myself with a higher number. I’m aiming for 200, but we’ll see what happens.

In addition, I’ve started my own reading journal. Last year, I just added my reading lists to my bullet journal, but this year I wanted something a little more expansive where I can add my thoughts, memorable quotes, and more. I’m figuring it out as I go so I might share a few of the pages once I’ve actually filled them in.

Basically, it’s a new year and I have new ideas in store for Books and Waffles. I hope you’ll come along.

What are reading or writing or life goals you have for 2020? I’d love to know about them!

7 thoughts on “New Year, New Waffles

  1. Sounds like some great plans! I’ve been making (minor) changes on my blog, too, and some of that has to do with my secondary blog. I’m keeping my second blog (featuring all my book reviews) but I’m going to be linking and cross-posting that content a lot more on my main blog. I look forward to the new waffles! (And speaking of… is that a square waffle in the picture? Is that new? I don’t remember square waffles here before…)

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