Hump Day Happiness

In order to share a bit of happiness with the world, a friend of mine started posting a list of ten things that are currently making her happy on Wednesdays. I’ve joined in on my other blog for the past few months, and I love sitting down to focus on something good in the midst of all the bad or the blah. It doesn’t take much time to remember the good things in life. Feel free to join with your own post or just with a comment about what’s making you happy this week!

  1. Book club discussions
  2. Middle school girls and their crazy but honest expressions
  3. New bookshelves
  4. Acrylic paint markers
  5. Being motivated to write
  6. Christmas presents from friends
  7. Soft pretzels and cheese
  8. Silver Spoon manga
  9. Finishing reading and writing goals
  10. William
What’s making your happy this week?

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