Sunday Snippets: 5 Words

I lead a writing club for teens at my library. Almost every time we meet, I give them some kind of writing prompt to challenge them. This past week, they picked a random slip of paper with five words that they then needed to incorporate in their writing in some way. Since I usually participate in the writing prompts along with them, I thought I’d start sharing some of them here.

My words: cold, white, gust, shatter, waves

Ryker stared out across the darkened waters. Slate gray waves crashed against the rocky outcropping below. He shivered, tugging the sleeves of his overcoat tighter around his knuckles. His heart rattled in his chest as he took a long shuddering breath. The cold air rushed into his lungs, burning through him like a flame to a match.

He took a step forward, one bare foot hovering over the icy waves, one solid against the slippery rocks. He knew what he had to do. But for the first time in his life, he was afraid of the water. Afraid of what breaking the surf might mean.

Would his magic still work? Would it bind him to the waves? Would he be able to retain control of the water before it filled his lungs and wrapped him in its cold embrace?

Rip had told him the only way to know was to try. But Ryker hated trying.

He only liked to do.

White foam sprayed against the bottom of his foot as another wave shattered against the wall of rock. He closed his eyes, reaching out to the water below with his magic, begging it to hear his call. There was no response.

A gust of wind tugged at his shaggy hair as if pulling him toward the waves. Saltwater spattered toes. His heart throbbed against his ribcage.

Then he jumped.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Snippets: 5 Words

    • Thank you so much! I made a whole list of random words and paired 5 together. It was really cool how everybody interpreted the words they got. Some of the kids came up with stuff I never would have imagined based on their words.


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