Animal Crossing: New Horizons Book Tag

I’ve basically been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons non-stop since it came out in March. I love this franchise and all the possibilities it brings. When I saw Jess @ Jessticulates did an Animal Crossing themed book tag, I had to steal it!

Past Villager

Who is a character you found when you were younger that still has a place in your heart?

Lucy Pevensie will always have a place in my heart. She was the first one to introduce me to Narnia and she’ll always be a forever bookish friend.

Blather’s Blatherings

Recommend a historical fiction book that you think everybody should read

I love historical fiction, but I can easily recommend Lovely War by Julie Berry. I listened to the audiobook, which was absolutely phenomenal. So much emotion in the story and it highlights what women and minorities went through during WWI. It’s incredible.

Celeste’s Wish

What is a future book release you wish you could read now?

I would like the next Aurora Cycle book ASAP. Because that ending. What was that ending?!

Timmy & Tommy

What is your favourite sibling relationship in a book?

There are so many to choose from! I love Puck and Finn’s relationship from The Scorpio Races, though. It’s so realistic and that weird unsteady but also loving relationship that most kids of that age have with their siblings.

The Easter Bunny

A popular book character that you’re not a big fan of

I’ll probably get hate for this but I just don’t get the appeal of Severus Snape. He’s kind of a jerk for no reason. I just don’t like him.

Nook’s Loans

An author you’d give all your money to

There are too many authors I love that I try to support by buying their books. I can’t just pick one.

The Sisters Able

What is your favourite fictional family (found or otherwise)?

Again, why are there so many to choose from?! I love the Bennets and the Marches. I love the Pevensies and the Darlings. But I also love the found families too. Anne Shirley and the Cuthberts. The Fellowship. Camp Half-Blood. Squad 312. The Guardians of the Galaxy. The Dregs. The Raven Cycle group. The Rampion Crew. So many good ones.

It’s a C+

What is a book trope you don’t like that keeps popping up?

I’m not a fan of insta-love and that happens a lot in YA books. It can happen in a way that I’m okay with, but it has to be done right. Scarlet and Wolf from The Lunar Chronicles are definitely an exception to my hate for this trope.

The Wandering Camel

What is your favourite book set in a land far away from yours?

The Lord of the Rings, of course!

What Would Dodos Do?

A fictional land you wish you could fly away to at any moment?

Narnia. Always Narnia.

Yes, I did create Narnia on my island.

I’m not going to tag anybody, but if you love Animal Crossing and want to answer the questions, let me know so I can read your answers!


3 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: New Horizons Book Tag

  1. Thanks so much for linking to my post! You’re not alone, I think Snape is garbage too. I think he’s a fantastic character, and the books wouldn’t be what they are without him, but he’s a terrible person and I think it’s gross that so many people excuse him bullying the students in his care because a woman told him no.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, I definitely agree he’s one of the best characters of the book, but yeah, people excusing his bad decisions isn’t healthy at all. It’s the same with Draco. Yeah, his character arc is interesting, but people need to realize he is not a good person.


  2. I never got into Animal Crossing, but I’m not surprised that you made Narnia on your island. 🙂

    I don’t like Snape, either. He might have redeeming qualities, but they don’t make up for the horrid things he does. However, I do really like Alan Rickman, so the movies have me very conflicted about Snape.

    Liked by 1 person

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