Sunday Snippets: Bad Poetry

August 18 is National Bad Poetry Day. I had my teen writers from the library write bad poems in honor of the day, so I thought I’d share some of the ones I wrote as well.

One of the prompts to get them started was to make a random list of things (a city you’d liked to visit, an unusual color, a hobby, an animal, an author, an -ing verb, a number, etc.) and use at least five of the words in a poem. I decided to be an overachiever and use all my words (I’ve underlined them).

“Lewis Carroll in a Freaking Robe”

Once I saw a sight
of forty-two giraffes aflight
jumping frivolously up and down
not a one with a frown.
Their periwinkle spots spun
as Lewis Carroll tried to run
from London across the globe
in nothing but a freaking robe.
As I scrapbooked this affair,
my perfect skin tasted air.
I fell to earth upon a sunbeam
and woke to realize it was all a dream.

The other poems I had them try were just whatever they were inspired to write about (Mario Kart, frogs, etc.). Here are a few other random ones I came up.

roses are red
violets are blue
you ate the last cookie
shame on you!

“slant rhyme”

Love split the world
but it flung us apart.
I tried to count the pieces
of my broken heart.
But you disappeared in the ether
and left me drifting in the dark.

“the sky”

The sky goes on forever
like an invisible line.
It’s endless.

“Hello, darkness, my old friend”

They say death is like a shroud clinging to your shoulders,
a shiver down your spine at the stroke of midnight.
But death can be a friend at the end of a long journey,
a welcome sight after a battle of glory.
Death doesn’t have to be a ghost haunting hallways and dreams.
It can be that sweet sigh of relief at the end of a long night.

“happy is a yellow word”

happy is a yellow word
full of bright, full of light
bumblebees buzzing among dandelions
sunshine painted on the clouds
a child’s fingerprints on the wall
the softness of stars at night
happy is a yellow word
full of hope, full of joy
canaries singing a morning song

(And I didn’t finish it. Oops.)

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