Hump Day Happiness

What’s making you happy this week?

  1. Umbrella Academy Season 2 (I love Klaus)
  2. Figuring out new projects with writing friends
  3. Playing in the creek with my nephew
  4. Silver Spoon manga
  5. Watching best live performance montage videos with William’s siblings at his grandparents’ house
  6. Book club chats and snacks
  7. German pizza
  8. A co-worker giving me sunflowers just because
  9. Finally getting to read The Faithless Hawk
  10. William is still working on his chainmail!!!

3 thoughts on “Hump Day Happiness

  1. I played around with making chainmail for a while! It was fun, but the repetitive crimping and twisting I was doing for it meant that I ended up switching my ambitious project (to make a copy of a chain mail hood I was given) into a much smaller project (make a chain mail dice bag) and I haven’t really gone back to it since. If I do decide to do more at some point, I’ll have to watch other makers do it so I can see if there’s a better technique than I was using.

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    • Yeah, to me it seems like a lot of work so I’m genuinely surprised he’s still at it. But he’s apparently determined to make a chainmail shirt and he has about half of the torso (not counting the sleeves) finished. He’s definitely learned better methods of doing it as well. (I have no idea what those methods are. He just told me that he’s figured it out.)


      • WOW. That’s really impressive! It did get almost meditative when I was working on it regularly, though. There’s a nice rhythm to it. It’s a little like knitting in that way, only you’re working with metal instead of nice soft squishy yarn. 😉

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