Book Spotlight: The Faithless Hawk by Margaret Owen

Welcome to book spotlight where instead of giving you another book review, I’m just going to talk about books I’ve read recently that I enjoyed.

The only difference between a conqueror and a thief is an army.

*high pitched squaaa* This book, people. After reading The Merciful Crow last year, The Faithless Hawk by Margaret Owen was definitely one of my most anticipated reads for the year (along with, you know, probably twenty others because I have no chill when it comes to new books). And it definitely did not disappoint.

From that first brilliant line—that so cleverly parallels the opening line of the first book—to the deep dive into the lore of the world, The Faithless Hawk is another whirlwind, cutthroat adventure. Most of my Goodreads updates are basically just screaming because I could not deal with everything that happened.

I love, love, love the idea that the Crows once had a birthright and lost it and now it’s Fie’s job to reclaim it. I love how everything builds toward that journey of restoration and redemption for the Crows. Margaret Owen is a master at dropping so many intricate details ahead of time to make the ending come full circle. I’m looking forward to rereading the duology at some point to see what she foreshadowed in book one.

The only thing that I wasn’t keen about was that the entire plot of the book hinges on my least favorite trope where the main character loses trust in the love interest for really dumb and obvious reasons. (Come on, YA!) But once I got over my grumblings about that for story purposes, it was a fun time. Fun as in lots of stabbing and tension and female characters showing up and kicking butt.

The Faithless Hawk was definitely worth the wait and it’s easily one of my favorite reads of the year. I can’t wait to see what Margaret Owen comes up with next!

Waffle recommendation: If you want a waffle to go with this book, I’d recommend making a full out breakfast with waffles, eggs, and either bacon or sausage (your choice). You need lots of protein to journey through this world and all the craziness Fie has to put up with. Plus, Crows and eggs… get it?


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