Sunday Snippets: More Poetry

In the teen writing club I lead, we’re still going over different forms of poetry. Some (like lyric poetry) are harder than others, but I’ve been enjoying the process alongside the teens. So here are some more poems I wrote for the club.

Rain from the sky
thunder rumbles far away
gloomy aura lingers

“Roller coaster”
Metal mountain rises
to touch cloud and sky and sun
hill plunges downward
air whooshes past hair and skin
metal track curves and swooshes

“Defeating a dragon”
green dragon ascends
party trembles beneath stone
bird strikes killing blow
dragon falls, shimmering scales
scatter across cavern floor

stacks of books tower
worn pages crackle with ink
spellbound spines shudder

white specks drift and twirl
wet pavement ices, dissolving
frozen fractuals freeze

These are all awful
I suck at writing poetry
haikus are so hard

“Flat Tire”
Oh, tire! My tire! You time to revolve is now done.
You rotated and rolled
every day under the sun

Now that your days have ended,
bid your farewell to your fellow tires.
Your form has been shredded
because your time now expires.

Oh, waffles, you’re so yummy
your crispy golden shape
brings warmth to my tummy
and leaves me agape

Your pockets are perfect
to fill with syrup or whipped cream
each one its own tiny sect
that makes me want to beam

I love all the different kinds to make
pizza or potato, brownie or cake
(And then I didn’t finish this poem)


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