Sunday Snippets: Light Poetry

This will probably be the last bit of poetry I share for a while since the teen writing club is moving on to other topics. I don’t usually find myself writing poetry, so I don’t anticipate having a lot to share in the future. But then again, who knows when inspiration will strike?

This past week we talked about light poetry, such as nonsense poetry and limericks. These are actually a lot harder to write than I thought, but I also had a lot of fun with it. Some of what I wrote could definitely be expanded and tweaked, but these are all rough drafts written in like 10-15 minute spans. We also went over acrostic poetry, so I have a short poem about my favorite mythical (or not so mythical?) race.

Nonsense Poetry: “Borrowing Barrows”
Estrid borrowed a borrower’s borrow from the borrowing barrows.
She strung it up on a string to hang like a string to sing with a nest of sparrows.
Then she took it down and wore it like a crown, pretending she was one of the pharaohs.

(As you can see, this one is short and needs more to it. I actually based the idea off a nonsensical short story I wrote in college so I might have to revisit that at some point in the future.)

Once there was a librarian from Alliance
Who stacked up the books in defiance
when she was asked
why she did such a task
she said it was all for science.

(The meter/rhythm of this is slightly off when I read it out loud, but I couldn’t resist writing a limerick about a librarian. I also tried to write one about a writer, but I couldn’t fill in the middle lines correctly.)

Hidden in holes
Over hills and under trees
Boffins and Bolgers,
Bagginses and Brandybucks
Idle away long days
Taking a rest and indulging in
Second Breakfast

(Not super poetic, but it was fun. Acrostic is a lot more difficult than I anticipated and I admire anyone who can do double acrostics!)


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