Things I’ve Done During Quarantine

A friend posted a list of things she’s picked up during quarantine, and I liked the idea so much I decided to write my own. I haven’t actually been “in” quarantine since the end of May, but the mindset of everything has shifted enough that this summer and fall has been different. I’ve dabbled with different things, created and met new goals, and just had a different outlook on life.

But the important thing is that even though it felt like life was “cancelled,” I still did a lot and as my friend said, moved forward and changed and added new skills and ideas. So here’s what I’ve done during quarantine. Or, more importantly, here’s what I’ve done in 2020:

  1. Figured out an exercise routine that works
  2. Finished the first draft of a fantasy novel and edited a second draft of a contemporary novel
  3. Learned about poetry forms and dabbled in writing some of each
  4. Read a lot of books. Like a lot.
  5. Got out of the habit of eating snacks because I’m bored or want something to munch on.
  6. Bought a car
  7. Celebrated holidays and birthdays together and apart
  8. Played hours of Animal Crossing
  9. Went trick or treating for the first time with my nephew
  10. Finally watched Community and Avatar: The Last Airbender and New Girl. Rewatched Parks and Recreation and part of Merlin.
  11. Received my first ever piece of fan art for one of my stories
  12. Went on a secret road trip to visit my sister for her birthday
  13. Caught all the bugs and all the fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  14. DM-ed a DnD session virtually with teens from the library
  15. Supported small businesses through pandemic and holiday season
  16. Helped with the process of electing a new pastor at my church
  17. Made a new writing friend
  18. Contributed to the holiday decor for my town’s Umbrella Alley
  19. Played frisbee golf
  20. Laughed when my husband was stung by a wasp in the face (He’s fine! It was just so crazy!)
  21. Celebrated three girls from my church earning the Honor Friends award
  22. Participated in several online fan events
  23. Created a reading journal for the year
  24. Played lots and lots of DnD
  25. Ate lots and lots of guacamole
  26. Watched William make a chainmail shirt out of wire
  27. Received sunflowers as a thank you for doing something at work
  28. Celebrated my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary
  29. Rode a bunch of roller coasters
  30. Defeated a green dragon in DnD
  31. Created a book box for someone as a gift
  32. Reread the Ramona Quimby books
  33. Taught the girls at church how to sew
  34. Made s’mores with my nephew
  35. Started a podcast with friends
  36. Celebrated weddings and new babies (separate events)
  37. Watched Labyrinth for the first time
  38. Finished reading the Silver Spoon manga
  39. Trained for a new catalog system at work
  40. Learned how to make and edit videos for work
  41. Ate November cakes!
  42. Watched Shrek the Musical
  43. Finished my Christmas shopping early
  44. Listened to lots of audiobooks
  45. Bought new books
  46. Started a fun, silly serial story with friends
  47. Watched all the Studio Ghibli films
  48. Finally got to play Untitled Goose Game
  49. Completed NaNoWriMo 2020
  50. Received feedback (twice) on one of my stories

5 thoughts on “Things I’ve Done During Quarantine

  1. That’s a great list! I think I might need to write up a similar post, since it’s good to remember that for most of us 2020 wasn’t entirely bad. There’s no way I think 2020 will be remembered as a “good” year, but remembering the good things about it is a plus.

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