Book Spotlight: A Sky Beyond the Storm by Sabaa Tahir

Welcome to book spotlight where instead of giving you another book review, I’m just going to talk about books I’ve read recently that I enjoyed. Prepare yourself for the fangirl gushing.

I feel like I’ve been waiting for A Sky Beyond the Storm for forever, but it’s really only been 2 1/2 years and let me tell you… it was SO WORTH THE WAIT!

Ten bleeding hells, this book practically broke me. There is just so much that happens, so much that ties together everything from the first three books. I’m going to try to steer away from spoilers, but I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to do that because I have Things To Say. You’ve been warned.

I’ll admit I was afraid to read this book. I was afraid it would fall short of my high expectations. I was afraid favorite characters would die. I was afraid I’d be annoyed with Elias and Laia (again). I was afraid to say goodbye.

And while some of those things did happen (looking at you, [redacted]), I am so freaking proud of this book. Like Sabaa did such a fan-freaking-tastic job with this. The writing is lovely. The tension is ridiculous. The pain is real, people. When I say “there is just so much that happens,” I mean that so much happens. I’d have to wrote a whole book to sum up my thoughts on everything that happens in this book.

But the biggest thing is Helene’s character. Blood Shrike, she’s amazing. She’s been my favorite since book two and she deserves the world. I absolutely love her character arc, her resilience, her loyalty, her everything in this story. So much bad happens to her throughout the entire series, especially in this book, but she pulls through. She stays strong. She’s loyal to the freaking end. I am so proud of her!

I am a little bitter about certain character deaths (yes, multiple) connected to her because I want her to be happy, but that ending… Yes! All the yes!

I guess I have to also address Elias and Laia. They have annoyed me quite a bit over the course of the series because of their annoying infatuation with each other. (I’m sorry, but Elias acted like a freaking idiot throughout A Reaper at the Gates because of Laia and I just… can’t with him.) But they are marvelous characters as well. They show up and stand up and they kick butt. I’m happy with their “endings” as well, even if I think somebody should have died, but whatever. Also, I cannot deal with what Elias whispered to Laia before he left to take Kauf Prison in A Torch Against the Night. I’ve only been waiting three books to find out, and yeah, that was worth waiting for because SHIVERS, people!

There are so many other things I could rant and rave about. A lot of awesome things come full circle. I love that Sabaa wrote the villain with so many layers so I could understand where he was coming from. There are so many great quotes to pilfer from this book. And that cover! How could I not talk about how freaking gorgeous that cover is? I wish Helene was on it, but Laia with the scythe and the purple coloring!! Ahhh! I’m so glad it’s purple.

Basically, I love this book and this series and these characters and this author. I am so excited to see what Sabaa comes up with next, and I will definitely be revisiting this story over and over. But for now, I need to catch my breath because that was a wild ride.

You are broken. But it is the broken things that are the sharpest. The deadliest. It is the broken things that are the most unexpected, and the most underestimated.”


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