Book Spotlight: The Boundless by Anna Bright

Welcome to book spotlight where instead of giving you another book review, I’m just going to talk about books I’ve read recently that I enjoyed.

2020 was an odd year for reading sequels. A lot of the sequels I expected to love were disappointing and the ones I was hesitant to read ended up being great. This was the case with The Boundless by Anna Bright. I enjoyed the first book, The Beholder, but there were aspects of the story that didn’t quite match up for me. I expected the same with The Boundless and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the story.

This one dives a lot more into the darker side of the world than the first book. The whole Baba Yaga lore and the oppressed country was really nerve-wracking. The whole landscape of Baba Yaga’s empire was chilling. And I loved it. It gave the story the much needed backbone that the first book lacked. Even Selah’s character improved. Who knew the quiet, passive girl from Potomac would kick butt?

My thoughts on this story are a bit scattered and back and forth. The world-building still makes no sense, but I kind of love it anyways? It’s such my aesthetic of fun fairy tale and myths smashed together, so I just accepted it for what it was and had a blast.

I also hate the back and forth Selah has between every guy that gives her the time of day. Like she’s still pining over Torden while having a moment with Lang while trying to use Alexsei for a cover. Part of me is like alright, this is realistic because what 18 year old girl can make up her mind about all these smoking hot boys falling over her. But part of me is also like JUST PICK ONE and stop dragging the others along because that’s just not cool. I’m not 100% okay with who she does end up picking in the end because the beginning of this book definitely made me swing toward a certain ship (*wink wink) and then the rest of the book twisted that foreshadowing around. But whatever, I’m not not unhappy about it either.

But really the highlights of this book are: Selah’s character growth, kickass female characters who put up with so much crap, weird creepy aesthetically awesome world-building, and that dang cover. Look how gorgeous. I want to find a copy of this book just for that cover. And because I want to reread both books back to back to see how everything ties together because it’s been like a year and a half since I read The Beholder and I remember actually quite a bit more than I expected, but not enough.

Sometimes you just have to read a book for fun and not worry if it’s makes sense 100% or is some literary genius story for the ages. I like this book and I look forward to more stories by Anna Bright.

Waffle suggestion: Lots of fluffiness. Fluffy waffles, fluffy whipped cream, fluffy toppings. Just something that is as magical and sparkly and fluffy as that cover. Okay?


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