2020 Reading Journal Update: Completed

I did it! I somehow completed my 2020 Reading Journal pretty earlier into the new year. Which is actually accomplishing a lot since I still have an art journal/scrapbook/thing from 2018 that has barely been started (and will probably never be finished).

This was a fun project to express my thoughts about the books I read, so I’ve decided to continue with a 2021 reading journal as well. I’ve already added a few new things that I want to try, including a list of reading goals I want to accomplish. I decorated the plain black cover with some fun stickers as well.

Here are a few pages I created for October, November, and December that I really liked. I contemplated making a flip through video of the journal, but I didn’t know if that would be interesting or if anybody would want to see page after page of my awful handwriting. (I should make a goal to figure out how to write neater or slower or whatever.) At the end of the journal, I added a fun stats page that records how many books I read as well as how many of each genre, format, where I got it from, and how many I read each month. I got those stats by using a fun reading tracker spreadsheet created by El from El’s Book Reviews, which she made for 2021 as well!

I reread the Ramona Quimby series and wanted to do a fun, colorful page of my thoughts for the whole series, including the famous Quimby Q Cat Ramona draws frequently in the series.
This was a bit daunting to attempt, but I like how it turned out!
Look, it’s really hard to draw horses, okay?
I decided to make all the pages for the Ember in the Ashes series match because the covers always give off these “fiery” “embery” vibes, but I drew the flames in the colors of the individual books.
These were the last two books I read in 2020 and I’m really glad they were. Also, I’m proud of that Mockingjay symbol I drew. It is not an easy drawing.

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