April Break

With everything that’s been going on, I’m tired. Tired of coming up with enough posts for this blog. Tired of keeping up with comments. Tired of just being tired.

So instead of giving up completely like I sometimes think I shouldsomedays I think I should just delete myself from the internetI’m going to take a break in April. From the blog. Maybe from social media. I’ve really found that taking a break every few months gives me time to breathe and prioritize what I want to get down.

I’m in the midst of editing my contemporary story for the fourth time, and I really want to get this finished by the end of April. But the latter half of the novel is the part that has more to edit and probably rewrite than the first half, so I want to buckle down and focus on that instead of what book to spotlight this week or filling out a list for top ten Tuesdays. (Don’t get me wrong, I like writing up posts for both of those things, but I just haven’t been reading a lot that I also want to talk about on this blog.) I haven’t decided if I will do the Hump Day Happiness posts still because while they’re great to remember the good that’s happening, I feel like I’m starting to get repetitive. So those could pop up whenever I feel like writing them, but otherwise, I’ll be back in May.

3 thoughts on “April Break

  1. Good for you for knowing your limits.

    There are a lot of TTT bloggers who are either taking a break this spring or cutting back on their posting. You’re definitely not alone there.

    Enjoy your time away.May it be refreshing for you.

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