Hump Day Happiness

What’s making you happy this week?

  1. I survived teaching a class at church with seven children under the age of 6. It was actually a lot of fun even though it was complete chaos. Six of them were boys.
  2. Going to the park and having ice cream with my nephews (twice! in one week!)
  3. Finishing Shadow and Bone and enjoying it immensely (Why is Show Mal and Show Kaz better than the book versions? I have no idea.)
  4. Playing volleyball after years, even if it hurt my arms
  5. Fighting vampire spawns in D&D
  6. Coming up with fun craft ideas for an Animal Crossing program at work
  7. Star Wars: The Bad Batch
  8. Rereading Crooked Kingdom via the audiobooks
  9. Feeling comfortable sharing some of my writing and getting a good response
  10. Taco Tuesday and Just Dance
  11. William catching so many hermit crabs on Animal Crossing to sell to Flick

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