Hump Day Happiness

What’s making you happy this week?

  1. Finally seeing my friends after over a year and celebrating Christmas and birthdays and all the occasions in one night with presents and laughter and ridiculous card games and deep questions and good food
  2. Receiving a homemade “book box” based around my current WIP
  3. Encountering cowboy vampires in D&D
  4. Finishing Crooked Kingdom audiobook
  5. Celebrating Jacob’s birthday with family
  6. Meeting my friend’s cats
  7. Playing Animal Crossing with Luke and Anna
  8. Elliott mooching off William’s Spider-Man popsicle
  9. Bekah wishing me a happy birthday three months late since she couldn’t in February (even if she tried)
  10. Hosting an Animal Crossing themed program at the library and having a ton of fun with the kids who showed up
  11. Kinda sorta finishing the major rewrite for draft 4 of my WIP
  12. Entertaining the kids at church during our annual Memorial Day picnic
  13. Watching RWBY again
  14. Long card ride conversations with a friend
  15. William filling his house on Animal Crossing with turnips

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