Hump Day Happiness

What’s making you happy this week?

  1. Celebrating a friend’s birthday with food and fun games
  2. Loki season finale
  3. Rereading books for book clubs and enjoying them all over again
  4. Being able to talk about what happened with Bekah to more and more people
  5. D&D shenanigans
  6. Planning the puzzles for a Clue themed murder mystery program for the library
  7. Digging up a fossil kit with my nephews
  8. Parents who help you when you have car problems
  9. Figuring out a fun craft for the teen book club at the library
  10. William catching rare bugs for me on Animal Crossing

3 thoughts on “Hump Day Happiness

    • The fossil kit was cool! It was a take home thing from the library. It was a little hard to dig out and 6 year olds don’t always have the attention span to do the whole thing, but it was fun. 🙂


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