Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Pet Peeves

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is Bookish Pet Peeves. Oh, I have so many bookish pet peeves. But I usually don’t think about them unless I’m reading a book that makes me think of it. So this list was hard to come up with and it might not cover every bookish pet peeve I have, but it’s a start.

Unmatching book covers: Most people can agree that it’s so annoying when a series switches book covers partway through and then they don’t release hardcover editions of the new covers for the previous books. It’s just a mess. I understand why they do this, but it’s the worst.

When a synopsis doesn’t match the story: Do you ever read a book synopsis and then sit down to read the book and it’s not really what you expected? Yeah, me too. I’m not blaming the author on this one because that’s all on the publisher, but if I’m picking up a book because of a synopsis, it should match.

When a synopsis doesn’t start until 100+ pages into the story: I also really hate when a book synopsis reveals information that doesn’t happen for pages or gives away too much of the story. Like why is the plot of the book based on the synopsis happening after I’ve already read 100 pages. That is way too long for a beginning/introduction.

Deceiving covers: Books that have covers that don’t fit the genre/plot/story are annoying.

Bad audiobook narrators: Look, you’re an audiobook narrator. You should be good at your job. If you’re not, why are you getting paid to narrate this book?

No chapter numbers: This is one of the rarer ones, but I dislike when books don’t have chapter numbers. How am I supposed to reference what happened in said chapter if I don’t know what chapter it is?! This is especially a headache when you read a book for a book club where everybody has different version of the book and you’re trying to find a specific passage.

Readers thinking 3-star reviews means the book is bad: I’m 100% blaming Goodreads for this because I’ve seen so many reviews where people are like “Well, I’m only giving this 3-stars *sigh*” Three stars is not bad! Three stars is above average! Even on Goodreads, 3-stars means “I liked it.” So if you didn’t like it, you should be giving it 1 or 2 stars. Ahhhh!

YA books about young adults, not teens: I’m really tired of young adult books being about 18-22 year olds. New Adult needs to be a thing or young adult should be for older readers and teen books should be for readers in high school. I don’t know what’s the right move, but the publishing industry needs to hurry up and identify the problem and fix it. I do not want a 12 year-old coming to the library and being excited about teen books and picking up something that might be a little too mature for them. Nope. No.

When standalones become series without warning: I don’t know about you but I like to know before starting a book whether I’m committing to a series or not. I realize, again, this is a publishing thing. Some authors are contracted a single book with potential for a series but they aren’t greenlighted for sequels until they see how the first book sells. But it’s obnoxious to find out that standalone book I read actually has a sequel and then find out a year later there’s a third book coming, etc. I want to know now!

Unnecessary sequels: Maybe I just like standalones a lot, but it’s annoying when a standalone gets a series because 1. it’s popular or 2. publishing trends like everybody gets a trilogy or everybody gets a duology. And then the sequels aren’t as good. Sometimes books just need to be a standalone and that’s okay. Not everything needs to be a series.

I apparently have a bigger problem with the publishing industry than books, but whatever. What are your bookish pet peeves? Don’t forget to join the link-up!

20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Pet Peeves

    • Oooh, both of those are good as well! I keep all my bookmarks in a box to keep them nice. I’ve also seen bookmark pouches to put them in as well to keep them nice and flat! 🙂


  1. I agree with all of these! Especially unmatching book covers are really annoying 🙄
    And I really think publishers could do a matter job with the book synopsis. Now and than I come across a synopsis that seems to be written by someone who hasn’t read the book…

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    • Yessss! I definitely agree that sometimes the synopsis seems like it was written by someone who hasn’t read the book. It makes me wonder why publishers thought that would be a good idea. XD

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  2. As a mom to two teenagers, I totally agree with YA books. I do not want my teenagers learning how to have sex from a YA fiction book. And, yes, I have seen such a cover in my library…it’s about a girl sleeping with different boys learning to do it right…

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    • Ugh, that’s so annoying. A part of me understands why some authors include it, but sometimes it goes too far and it definitely doesn’t need to be in every story. I know kids who have picked up books that definitely should have been adult but were categorized as YA for whatever reason, and I know how reading books with certain content affected me at a young age so I’m very cautious about what YA books I recommend to kids.

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    • Yessss! Half and quarter stars are great! I use Storygraph, but none of my friends do so I haven’t decided if I’ll continue with it after this year. It’s good in some regards, but Goodreads still has more features I like.

      And yes! Books with different heights from the same series is obnoxious as well. Thanks for sharing that one! 🙂

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  3. My 13-year-old daughter has trouble finding books to read. She doesn’t like “kissing” books, and I don’t blame her; why do 13-year-olds need to be reading about such things? But she often finds middle-grade books too young for her. I really need to take her to the library to help her find books to read, but she hates going out and talking to people.

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

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    • As someone who works at a library with teens, this makes me so sad! If you ever need recommendations for her, just let me know. I’d be happy to give her a few suggestions based on her interests.

      I’ve been saying for a while that there is a gap between middle grade and YA that needs to be fixed. Middle grade usually covers upper elementary more than middle school and YA usually covers upper high school, leaving the 13-15 year olds without sufficient stories to read. It’s so sad and I hope someone in the publishing industry fixes it soon!

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  4. YES to the “surprise, it’s a series now” peeve! I don’t really like series books — I don’t have the attention span required, I guess — and if I do start one, I try to make sure it’s complete before I start. When a book gets multiple sequels just because the first one sold well, I get frustrated wondering when and if the characters will have a proper conclusion. Not to mention, if I DON’T like the series but do like the author, now they’re tied up for who knows how long before they might write another book I have a CHANCE of liking.

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    • I totally agree! Part of me is like Did the author plan this to be a series but couldn’t announce it until the publisher looked at the sales numbers? Or did they make it a series because it was popular? I don’t mind it as much if it seems like the story was supposed to be a series, but I wish they could let me know because I, too, like to wait until series are completed before starting! I’m tired of waiting 1-3 years between books.

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