Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Memories

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is Bookish Memories. My entire life is just one long bookish memory. Ha-ha! But here are a few bookish memories that stand out.

Meeting Leigh Bardugo: This is definitely one of the big ones because I love the Grishaverse books and it was amazing to hear her talk and to meet her. She told me she liked my How To Train Your Dragon shirt and it was so awesome.

Meeting Marissa Meyer (twice!) in one year: I don’t know how I managed this but a friend and I ended up going to two of Marissa Meyer’s book signings in one year for Stars Above and Heartless. The first signing I didn’t say a word to her and felt like an idiot. The second time I asked her about whether she intended for Cinder to also be a slight Sleeping Beauty retelling since Cinder was in cryosleep for years, and Marissa said she’d never heard that theory before. It was amazing!

Birthday book store trip: a few years ago my husband told me he was taking me somewhere for my birthday but he wouldn’t tell me where. We ended up at a Barnes and Noble and he said I could get whatever I wanted (well, sorta). We don’t have many bookstores nearby so it was so fun to go to a bookstore!

Dollar Book Swap: Recently I went to visit my sister and we stopped at this warehouse that’s called Dollar Book Swap. Every single book in the entire place is only at $1.00. At first it seemed a bit sketchy, but once we were inside… SO MANY BOOKS! I got a stack.

Book Club!: I’m in three different book clubs, but the one that I do with other gals my age and my mom is my favorite. We always try to pair food with the book we read and it’s always so much fun.

Lisa T. Bergren loving me from afar: A long time ago (like ten years) I read a YA series called the River of Time and fell in love! I promoted the book so much and was so enthusiastic about it that the author came to know me by name. I’ve never met her in person, but she sometimes sets my name aside to receive arcs or to help with book promotion stuff. It’s so fun to be loved by author from “afar.” Someday I’ll meet her. Someday.

Visiting that Book store loft thing with my sister on a whim: So one time I met my sister halfway to hang out and go out to eat. We also went to this really cool bookstore that was in a house so there was room after room after room of books. It was so cool!

Going out to eat with Jo Walton during college: When I was in college, Jo Walton was one of our visiting authors and my professor invited me and a few other students out to eat with her. It was a cool experience to sit down to talk with a science-fiction fantasy author.

Virtual author visit with Rosaria Munda: For work, I host a teen book club and last spring I chose Fireborne by Rosaria Munda for us to read. While I was looking up stuff for the club, I came across Rosaria’s website which mentioned that she does free virtual author visits for schools and libraries. I contacted her and we were able to have her meet with us virtually for our book club meeting! It was such a fun experience, and I know the teens enjoyed it as well!

Bookstagram: This one is probably silly but since it’s fun, I thought I’d mention it. But when I post bookstagram photos on Instagram it’s so great when an author likes, comments, or shares the post! I don’t know why it makes me feel all crazy, but it does. Like the time Christopher Paolini liked my photo of his science-fiction novel, To Sleep in a Sea of Stars? I almost died. And that’s just ONE incident. As much as I dislike social media at times, I do love that it connects me so easily with authors and other readers.


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    • It was so much fun! I definitely arranged it partly for myself but I wanted them to get a chance to interact with an author, too, since several of them are also writers!

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