Top Ten Tuesday: 2021 Books I Didn’t Get To

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is 2021 Releases I Was Excited to Read But Didn’t Get To. I did pretty well reading most of the 2021 releases I wanted to. Most of these I didn’t get to are because I’m waiting on a sequel!

The Serpent’s Curse by Lisa Maxwell: I almost forgot this book came out this year! I love this series and was looking forward to reading book three, but I decided to wait until book four comes out to reread the first two and then read three and four altogether.

Mister Impossible by Maggie Stiefvater: I made a similar decision with this series. I’m going to wait until book three comes out to reread book one and then read books two and three because I remember very little about book one.

Aurora’s End by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff: This book would have been perfect to end the year on, but my pre-order copy didn’t arrive in time to reread the series.

Gilded Serpent by Danielle Jensen: I checked this book out from the library and then decided to wait for book four before reading.

Vespertine by Margaret Rogerson: I love Margaret’s other books but I found out this wasn’t a standalone, and I decided to wait until any sequels are released to read them together.

Of Fire and Ash by Gillian Bronte Adams: Another case of a pre-ordered book that didn’t come in time to read before the end of the year.

No Beauties or Monsters by Tara Goedjen: I had this on hold from the library but I didn’t have a chance to read it before the year was up. I was able to read it during the first few weeks of the new year, though.

Girls of Fate and Fury by Natasha Ngan: I feel like I’ve been waiting for this book forever. My library hold came in and I started reading this but I couldn’t remember what happened in the previous books at all, so I decided to pick something else up. I’m debating if I just read it and hope I figure out what’s happening or just give it up. I don’t care enough to go back and reread the first two books.

The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes: After hearing mixed reviews for this one, I decided to wait to read it until book three comes out.

Jade Gold Fire by June C.L. Tan: I received this in a book box, forgot about it, and then heard that it ends in a way that there might be a sequel (even though Goodreads hasn’t confirmed that yet). I can’t decide if I should read it now or wait.


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