Hump Day Happiness

What’s making you happy this week?

  1. Celebrating my grandpa’s 91st birthday with food, cake, cards, and a fun snake matching game for 4-year-olds (as one does when they have two nephews)
  2. Sarah passing her Girls Only Honor Test and becoming a gold medalist
  3. Learning new card games with friends
  4. Going above and beyond with a craft for the preschoolers at church
  5. Broccoli Mac n Cheese bowl from Applebee’s
  6. Working on my art journal
  7. Painting more book edges and the galaxy print coming out better than I expected
  8. Going to Ollie’s and finding a few surprise book finds and a few things for other people just because
  9. Reading comic books and graphic novels again
  10. William comforting me after bad news about my car’s engine

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