Weeping Willow

Since it’s National Poetry Month, I thought I might share some other random poems I’ve written. A friend challenged our writing group to write poems this month. I can’t promise any will be good, but I’m excited to try. This one isn’t something I wrote recently, but it’s another poem that was inspired by that art exhibit with Monet and Matisse and was based off Monet’s Weeping Willow from 1918.

We swing among the branches of a tree that cascades green over the world. A fountain of leaves and vines. My feet graze the grass below the canopy of eaves as I grasp the vines and circle the thick trunk. Around and around, the branches twist over and over across my wrists and palms until I’m tangled in a crisscrossed net of green strings. But you… you soar above the world of green, gently wrapping yourself in a smooth cocoon of leaves and eaves. My feet hit the ground, jerked to a stop by the weight of my body. You unravel toward me, whispering, “Let’s leave the weeping to the willow tree.” And your eyes lift me from gravity’s graces until we’re both caught in the tangle of the willows.


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