Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Shops

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is Bookish Merchandise I’d Love to Own, but instead of focusing on what I want, I’m going to highlight ten small businesses and shops that sell awesome bookish items. Go check them out and support small businesses!

In the Reads: This shop creates awesome fantasy-style maps as well as woodmarks and a few other fun goodies. They recently curated a fun little box for the 20th anniversary of The Fellowship of the Ring.

Fable Grounds Coffee: This company creates bookish-themed coffee! There are so many fun options for both flavor and fandom.

Novelly Yours: This company creates bookish and fandom candles. They also have a variety of other items for sale and have fun themed boxes. I’ve bought candles from them several times and they are always so helpful.

Riddle’s Tea Shoppe: As you’ve probably guessed, they sell tea! And other fun items such as enamel pins, patches, stickers, coasters, and more. They have a lot of fun, bookish and fandom flavors.

Rather Keen: This company isn’t solely about books, but they have a lot of fun items that make for perfect gifts. Jewelry, stickers, pins, tote bags, and more. They have anything from Gilmore Girls to spooky themed collections to Star Wars and more.

Unemployed Philosophers Guild: This website is insanity! So many options and themes and things. It’s a lot of fun to look through and even more fun to buy for someone else. There are a lot of literary related items as well as other fun things.

Nerdy Ink: Just like with Rather Keen, they aren’t strictly just book related but several fandoms. Right now they’re focusing on things like fandom t-shirts and dust jackets. They also still have a major closeout sale on past items going on that is worth checking out for good deals on bookmarks, art prints, pins, and more.

The MacBath: Okay but who isn’t a fan of fun bookish puns for shop names? This company sells a variety of book-themed bath products, including soap, shampoo, bath bombs, lotions, and more. Plus, it’s just fun.

The Midnight Society: This company has more than books as well, but they have so many great designs and fun options. I adore their fictional National Parks collection.

Out of Print: I can’t have a list without including Out of Print. I love their bookish t-shirts and wear them to work at the library. They also have so many other great items and every purchase helps fund literacy programs and donations to communities in need.


22 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Shops

  1. Well I’ve never wanted a map of Colorado before, but I opened up In The Reads and it was there front and center and now I might have to buy it 😂 (I’m a Colorado native and we are very proud of our state haha but I’ve never wanted a map of it because its so square and boring but they have a Tolkien inspired one and now I want it!)

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