An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch of tangle but it will never break. –Chines Proverb

They say our hearts are connected
by a thin, red thread
tied in the middle of our hearts.
It breaches any distance,
but right now, I feel the distance.
It’s not a red thread; it’s a measuring tape.
I feel closer to the stars than to you right now.

The black lines run on for miles,
marking away the years
we have yet to spend together.
Soul mates, lovers, made for each other.
We’re supposed to meet.

The thread knotted to the middle of my heart
goes off in one direction.
It unravels in long strands that crisscross
and weave together like a spider-web.
Always tangled, always stretched,
never broken.

I tried to follow it once, to find you,
but it never ended.
I became wrapped in red thread,
in a cold measuring tape.

It drags between our hearts.
I feel the tug of the thread
as I realize we’re so far from each other
Please, follow the thread to me.
Erase the measuring tape.

I wish for the future.


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