I Climbed a String to See the Moon

I climbed a string to the moon so I could see the stars.
But when I reached the moon, all I saw was Mars.
So big and bright and red not blue, it hung up in the sky.
And when I tried to reach for it, all it did was lie.

I climbed a thread to Mars so I could go beyond,
And see where the universe had led me to abscond.
But when I saw the universe, my heart dropped from my chest.
And I tumbled down from space, broken and unblessed.

You picked me up and cleaned me up until I shined once more.
My broken heart scattered out, the pieces split in four.
We gathered them, hand in hand, and traveled above the world,
Among the stars and midnight sky, we twirled and twirled and twirled.

You picked the pieces up and wrapped them with red twine.
We fit the jagged heart inside my chest, right against my spine.
Then we floated far above the world and all its wonder and spark.
We swirled through stars and nebulae and out beyond the dark.


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