2022 Reading Journal Update #1

Earlier this year, I posted my initial page spreads for my 2022 reading journal with the intention to track different things and also make my reading journal more artsy. I’ve enjoyed experimenting with different mediums to capture the “aesthetics” of the books I feature in my journal. I am not doing a page for each book I read like I did previously, just the ones I enjoyed the most or had a great idea for a fun art journal-ish page.

I also realized part way through January that I don’t like how my handwriting looks on the page. I’ve got a few ideas to try to make it neater/look better but haven’t done much with that. So some of the pages include my thoughts and some are blank because I wanted to capture the art I did before I added words and made it more “messy.”

Here are some of the spreads I’ve done over the past couple of months.

This is another page I’m using to track my anticipated releases. I didn’t have it finished before because I was waiting on a few more book covers to be revealed for later in the year. Aren’t they so pretty?
I have a page for each month that includes my TBR hopefuls, what I read, books I acquired (haul), and stats.
I wasn’t a huge fan of this book but it lends itself so well to a fun page with the stickers and paper I have
This one was so fun to put together with all the little details. I love finding the perfect piece of scrapbook or sticker of tape or whatever to really capture the aesthetic of a book.
Fire is so difficult to draw and I wish the flames were a little bigger next to the horse stamp, but I like how this page came out
I have this book of antiquarian stickers and there are some pages just completely covered in flowers or other designs and you can’t tell what the sticker is until you start peeling it off and oh my gosh this one with the flowery silhouettes fits PERFECTLY with this book. It’s so cool.
This one is just so fun.
This might be my favorite so far. I love a lot of them, but I’m so proud of how this one came out. Ahhhh
I also really like this one. It took me several tries to get those shapes to be the right size/look right on the page.
Some of the scraps I use are from cards or random things and I just cut them out. It’s kind of ridiculous the scraps I hoard to use for future art projects. But hey, it made this one look so cool!

4 thoughts on “2022 Reading Journal Update #1

    • Thank you! I always felt like I didn’t have any visual/artistic talent either, but I took an art class in college for fun and realized that while my art might not look like someone else’s, it’s not as bad as I thought. And I’ve been “dabbling” in different things to learn.

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