To Infinity

I wrote this in college for a poetry class and I still love it.

I stand with the boots of my spacesuit
leaving traces in the dust of the crater planet.
Above me: the universe.
All at once.
Glimmering out against the void.

Star clusters radiate like crowns.
Aureole everywhere.
Bright, glazing,
swirling in a blur of light.

I take a small breath of time,
pulling oxygen into my lungs.
I spread my arms out like aileron airfoils,
mimicking the galaxy’s arm,
which reaches forever before me,
beckoning me to fly.

A friend told me flying is impossible.
I still dream that I can do more than fall.
But I can soar.

And so here I stand upon the dust covered craters,
breathless because of the nimbuses
that collide with the beating of my heart.
I can feel deep in my star-filled veins
that I can indeed fly among the aura of space.

And beyond.


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