Top Ten Tuesday: Comfort Reads

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is Comfort Reads. I don’t know if I really have “comfort” reads. Books in general are comfort reads for me. But I suppose there are some books that help me escape or relax more than others. Generally ones that where I don’t have to think as much or concentrate on. I had a hard time coming up with enough types of comfort reads so I’m splitting this post into comfort reads and not comfort reads.

Comfort Reads

Rereads: If I’m rereading a book, it’s because I enjoyed it enough to read it again. There are some books I’ve reread over and over again and never tire of, such as The Scorpio Races or The Lord of the Rings.

Children’s books: This might seem odd but I love rereading old childhood favorites like Magic Tree House or Beverly Cleary or Little House on the Prairie. Since they’re children’s books they are definitely easier to read and take less concentration.

YA contemporary: In recent years, I’ve grown to love YA contemporary and contemporary in general. There are usually quick, short reads that leave me feeling warm and fuzzy. There are still some that annoy me and don’t bring me comfort, but authors like Kasie West and Emma Mills never fail to make me smile with their stories.

Middle grade fantasy: Any middle grade book can be fun but I think I prefer middle grade fantasy over any other type of fantasy. Usually the stories are shorter and less complicated but still have all the elements of fantasy that I love like mythical creatures and quests and magic! Some middle grade fantasy I loved are The School Between Winter and Fairyland, Wings of Fire, and most of the Rick Riordan Presents books.

Graphic novels: I love reading graphic novels! They’re usually easy to follow and fast reads. While I’m sure there are types of graphic novels that don’t let me relax or bring me comfort, there are many, especially in the superhero comic genre, that I can easily get lost reading.

Not Comfort Reads

Non-Fiction: I’m slowly starting to appreciate more and more non-fiction, but the level of focus that non-fiction requires makes me think that it’ll never be a favorite genre or book to read if I want to escape or relax.

Horror: I don’t read a ton of horror, but they will never bring me comfort. Especially if they are spooky enough to give me nightmares or keep me awake at night.

Mysteries and Thrillers: This genre requires a lot more thinking to pay attention to details or figure out what’s going on. So while I enjoy mysteries and some are super fast paced, they still aren’t my ideal escape read.

Audiobooks: I love listening to audiobooks, but if I’m ever too comfortable, I find my thoughts drifting and I miss something in the story. Audiobooks definitely require my concentration and focus.

What types of books are your go-to, comfort reads? Don’t forget to join the link-up!

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Comfort Reads

  1. I can see why those types of books are comfort reads. I like to read romance and light fantasy as comfort reads. They can usually cheer me up or get me out of a reading slump.


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