Hump (thurs)Day Happiness

I somehow forgot to come up with and post my list of good things from this past week! But that’s okay because Thursday needs happiness too. What’s making you happy this week?

  1. Obi-Wan Kenobi
  2. The mini golf course at the library turning out so awesome
  3. Also making several awesome videos about the mini golf for work
  4. Celebrating Jacob’s birthday with good food and amazing cake and ice cream
  5. Rewatching the Jurassic World movies and still loving them (because dinosaurs!)
  6. “Accidentally” reading/listening to 25 books during May
  7. Reaching my writing goal for May
  8. Spending Memorial Day with William’s family (even if I got a little sunburnt)
  9. Book club being fun as usual and just having that feeling that this is where I belong and these are my people because of books and yummy food
  10. The decorations we made for Summer Reading
  11. My Own Lightning by Lauren Wolk being unexpected but still as moving as Wolf Hollow
  12. All the presents I ordered for people shipping in time to give them
  13. Creating a custom shirt for my D&D character and being happy with how it came out #FightLikeFranny
  14. The Mexican food at a graduation party
  15. Coming to the conclusion that William is a frog and a dog but he’s also a duck

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