Top Ten Tuesday: Books that Need an Epilogue

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is Books I Wish Had An Epilogue. This was a tricky prompt for me because unless I make specific note about a book needing an epilogue, I don’t remember books well enough to know if they had one or not. Here are seven that I think needed a better ending.

Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys: This has a weird ending that isn’t labeled as an epilogue but basically functions as an epilogue. I just wish it had been better formatted because it jarred me out of the story since it randomly time jumped.

The Triumphant by Lesley Livingston: The way this book ends made me want. I wanted to find out what Fallon and Co. do after the events of the book. I just want more about their lives.

Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu: A lot of this book felt very open-ended. I had a lot of questions that still needed answers when I finished, and while the last chapter covers what happens next a little, I wanted something more. A true epilogue ending.

Small Favors by Erin A. Craig: This ending of this book is so wild and so much is happening that I wish there was an epilogue (or sequel) to kind of let the characters breathe a moment and figure out what’s next. I just have questions about where Ellerie and her family go next and what happens.

Beyond the Blue Border by Dorit Linke: The way this books ends was disappointing and made me feel like the entire story was completely pointless. An epilogue really could have helped wrap everything up and end it on a more hopeful note.

Once a King by Erin Summerill: This book technically has an epilogue, but I wanted more from it. I want to know what happens between some of the characters beyond the ending.

Jane Austen novels: Look, I don’t know about you but sometimes the way classics end I need more information. What happens to Lizzie and Darcy next? Do they have kids? Does Mrs. Bennet move in with them after Mr. Bennet passes away? Does Mary or Kitty get married too? Do Lydia and Wickham stay together forever? But this could be the case for all of Austen’s works. I want to know what happens with all of her couples. I need answers. I need all the details about every point of their life!

What books do you think need an epilogue? Don’t forget to join the link-up!

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books that Need an Epilogue

  1. Lol. I totally agree about classics. Some of the endings are so unsatisfying. North and South was one of those for me. I loved the BBC production ending, but the book ending pissed me off so much I always threw my Kindle across the room, lol.

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  2. It’s been so long since I read Salt To The Sea that I don’t remember if I was jarred by the ending or not. I didn’t put a note about it in my review but it’s possible I just forgot! I do agree that Moxie left off in a weird place and you don’t really get to see how things improve at the school as a result of the girls’ actions much, I definitely would have liked more of that.
    My TTT:

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  3. I agree about the Auston novels—not so much in the sense of the main characters, but I’m often really curious about the side characters. Mary and Kitty are the ones that come to mind most easily of course, because there have been re-imaginings of P&P that focus on them.

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