Hump Day Happiness

What’s making you happy this week?

  1. Attending a concert of the Cleveland Orchestra performing music from The Fellowship of the Ring
  2. Meeting with Kelly to talk about her novel
  3. Turning coloring pages into paper airplanes to entertain a group of 3-5 year old boys at church
  4. A landlord that takes care of maintenance problems quickly and efficiently
  5. Sarah further editing her short story and letting me read it again
  6. Rereading my novel to edit and being super happy with it (It’s not trash!!!)
  7. My parents letting us take showers at their house when the gas was turned off for stupid reasons
  8. A fun, super deadly session of D&D with the teens at the library (no, their characters didn’t actually die!)
  9. Rereading Uglies after so long and being amazed at how much I forgot and how much I remember
  10. Getting William to play Disney Magic Kingdoms

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