2022 Reading Journal Update #2

Over the summer, I hit a lull in my reading journal. I kept it updated for the monthly pages and some of the stats related stuff I’m keeping track of this year, but I had a hard time finding motivation or inspiration for some of the individual pages and spreads.

Part of this is probably due to being super busy in June and July. Just when I thought things would calm down, more plans and events would sprout up. Pairing that with being busy at work, this summer exhausted me. But I didn’t want to just give up on my journal. I love the creative outlet my reading journal gives me.

So I pushed through and completed up until July. Some of them came out better than others. And some I wish I had a better’s artist hand to truly do what I wanted. But here are some of the spreads I like the most from what I (slowly) worked on this summer.


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