Hump Day Happiness

What’s making you happy this week?

  1. I will probably mention Disney Dreamlight Valley for a while because I’m having so much fun finding all the Disney characters and helping them with tasks
  2. Spooky birthday party for Sarah’s 18th birthday
  3. Getting all the preschool kids in my class at church to say their memory verse
  4. Spelljammer Academy being a super ridiculous but absolutely fun D&D campaign
  5. Rereading Harry Potter via audiobook and rewatching the movies
  6. Finding Lord of the Rings themed clothes
  7. Holding up fun signs at the parade
  8. Video chatting with my friends about our serial story and loving everything we’ve come up with so far
  9. Working on something different for writing
  10. William always buying me a snack when he goes shopping because he knows it makes me happy

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