Thankful Thursdays

What are you thankful for this week?

  1. Money to buy fun Christmas presents and other gifts all year round
  2. Unexpected warm weather
  3. Some of William’s extended family is okay after a bad car accident
  4. A great D&D group that is encouraging, helpful, and always up for a good time
  5. The opportunity to do fun programs at work and church
  6. Mexican food
  7. Friends who will drive an hour or more with me to attend an author event
  8. Authors who are so kind and upbeat after answering questions for an hour and signing books for another two hours
  9. My cute Totoro shirt
  10. Authors who are able to respond to comments and messages on social media
  11. The right to vote
  12. Friends who don’t judge me for who or what I vote for and who also understand the struggle of deciding who/what to vote for
  13. William

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