2022 Reading Journal Update #3

I almost can’t believe that I’m planning my 2023 reading journal. I’ve started gathering ideas for what pages to include at the beginning and how I want to track what I read. I’ve experimented a lot with previous journals, figuring out what I like and don’t like, which has given me ideas for how to prep for 2023.

But before I dive head first into setting everything up, I wanted to share a few more pages I’ve completed for my 2022 reading journal. I’m not finished with November or December yet, so those will come later, but here are some of the pages I did for August through October.

I love how cute this one came out.
I thought the antique sticker of the lady shooting an arrow was fitting for this book.
I don’t feel this page does justice for this series, but I like the dragons pictures I found.
This might be my favorite of the ones I’ve done recently because it came out so well. Or because that washi tape is Secret Garden themed!
I wish I could do justice to those covers but alas.
I wish I hadn’t been afraid to use watercolor in the actual journal because this page and the next didn’t turn out like I had hoped. At least I tried.
Wasn’t a fan of the book but that cover.
Even though Empty Smiles disappointed me, I still love this series and those covers.

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