Hump Day Happiness

What’s making you happy this week?

  1. Theo smiling about everything
  2. Planning a D&D campaign with some of my co-workers
  3. Finally reading Midnight Sun
  4. Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s Toy Story update
  5. Watching Twilight: Breaking Dawn movies
  6. Winning a round of Bananagrams
  7. Bekah is okay
  8. Finishing my goal to read all of Beverly Cleary’s original books
  9. Early Christmas presents from some of my D&D group: a character portrait of my swashbuckler rogue and pirate dice!
  10. Being happy with my reading journal pages and getting everything set up way in advance
  11. The Polar Express program at the library with my nephews, even if Elliott was being a grump
  12. A great discussion time with my church connect group
  13. That we’re getting another River of Time series after all this time
  14. Being able to listen to audiobooks at work when I’m working on certain projects
  15. William always being cute

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