NetGalley Rejections 41-50

I thought it would be fitting to do another round of NetGalley Rejections before the end of the year. As of this month, I’ve been rejected 97 times and approved 124 times with 117 reviews sent, 2 I won’t review, and 6 pending approval. I currently have 5 books ready to read and review and a 94% feedback ratio.

Here are the next ten on the list of rejections.

The Ivies by Alexa Donne: I ended up reading this after its release and while I didn’t hate it, I definitely didn’t love it. It was just okay.

Red Wolf by Rachel Vincent: I completely forgot about this book. The premise still sounds interesting so I added it to my Goodreads TBR to read some day.

The Serpent’s Curse by Lisa Maxwell: As much as I love this series, I’m glad I didn’t get approved because I would not have wanted to read this so far in advance of book four’s release. Now that the entire series is out, I can enjoy them all!

RWBY: The Official Manga, Vol. 2 by Bunta Kinami: I’m glad I wasn’t approved of this because I read Vol. 1 & 2 later and thought they were badly done. I love the RWBY show for what it is, but the art for the manga is awful. I never bothered to read Vol. 3

Just Pretend by Tori Sharp: I don’t remember requesting this, but after looking it up, I still want to read it.

When the World Was Ours by Liz Kessler: I’m always up for a good historical novel, so while I wasn’t approved to read this one, I added it to my TBR to read.

The Hidden Knife by Melissa Marr: I’m always looking for more middle grade to read–to the point that I have too many on my list–and this one sounds fun.

Pahua and the Soul Stealer by Lori M. Lee: I expect to read all of Rick Riordan Presents books at some point, so I’ll get to this one eventually, probably once the entire series is published.

Daughter of Sparta by Claire Andrews: This sounds so cool but I hesitate to read books published by Jimmy Patterson imprint because they’re usually hit or miss.

Beyond the Mapped Stars by Rosalyn Eves: This book sounds right up my alley so I’ll read it someday.


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