Hump Day Happiness

What’s making you happy this week?

  1. Participating in a live Instagram chat with an author and her recognizing my username when I asked a question
  2. Excellent gifts from my co-workers (Captain Carter Funko Pop, Lord of the Rings stickers, peanut M&Ms, Chipotle gift card)
  3. Prepping my 2023 bullet journal and using lots of outer space themed washi tape
  4. Hanging out with friends, exchanging gifts, playing games and eating good food
  5. Snow!
  6. My sister bringing her dog to the Christmas Eve service at church xD
  7. Playing Bingo at William’s grandparents’
  8. Baby Yoda pajama pants
  9. Spending a wonderful Christmas with family–it’s nice that we live close enough to spend time with both sides
  10. Getting a book for Christmas
  11. William’s mom’s cinnamon rolls
  12. Playing lots of games and doing puzzles
  13. Taking naps on Christmas
  14. Rewatching Little Women
  15. My crazy nephews
  16. Puppy chow, chocolate covered pretzels, tiger butter, buckeyes, and all the good Christmas treats
  17. Preparing gifts for my friends’ Christmas get-together
  18. Watching the Beauty and the Beast 30th Celebration with my sister and her singing along to every song
  19. Having a four day weekend because of the holiday
  20. Rewatching Toradora!
  21. William taking care of the air in my tires

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