Cheesy Goodness Book Tag

I love cheese and a good book tag so when I saw Nicole@Book Wyrm Knits complete this cheese-themed book tag created by Sydney@Fire and Rain Books, I decided I wanted to do it too!

CheddarTraditional Cheese: Name Your Favorite Classic Novel

I love a lot of classics, but my favorite will always be The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings books.

Swiss– Hole-y Cheese: Name an Emotional Roller Coaster

Lovely War by Julie Berry is beautiful and amazing and also tragic and terrible. If you haven’t read it, you should. And you should listen to the audiobook if you like that kind of thing.

Blue Cheese– Controversial Cheese: Name an Unpopular Book Opinion

Diversity rep does not make up for good writing style. I am all for including diversity representation in books, but sometimes I feel like books get hyped only because they include representation and the actual writing isn’t good or isn’t as good as it could be. Diversity is important, but good writing is also important. You can’t exchange one for the other.

Brie– Favorite Cheese: Name an Author You Always Want More Of

There are lots of authors I always want more from, but I think I’ll always look forward to Marissa Meyer’s next book.

Gouda– Dutch Cheese: Name a Book that Makes You Want to Travel

The River of Time series by Lisa T. Bergren are the first books I remember reading that gave me a longing for adventure and to travel to Italy and Europe. Before reading these, I don’t know if I was interested in visiting Italy.

American– Fake Cheese: Name Your Least Favorite Book / Book You Love to Hate On

Anything by Sarah J. Maas. I’ve only read half of the A Court of Thorns and Roses series and her Catwoman book, but it’s so fun to hate on her books.

Colby Jack– Mixed Cheese: Name Your Favorite Ship

I have way too many ships and it’s hard to choose, but the first to come to mind and one I will never, ever change my mind about is Anne and Gilbert from the Anne of Green Gables books by L.M. Montgomery.

Mozzarella– Simple Cheese: Name an Old Favorite You’ll Never Stop Loving

Narnia. The answer is always Narnia.

Pepper Jack– Spicy Cheese: Name a Book You Can’t Judge By Its Cover

I know there are lots of different covers for Howl’s Moving Castle and some are great, but some of the older covers that libraries still have copies of are terrible. I would never pick this book up based on those covers, and that would mean I’d miss out on such a great story!

I realize this book was published in the 1980s and covers back then were significantly different from today. While a few of the ones below (first row) could be seen as “cool” since they’ve got that distinct 80s vibe, I don’t think kids these days would find it nearly as appealing in comparison to some of the newer covers (second row). Libraries really need to update their collection!

Muenster– Monster Cheese: Name a Villain You Wish Never Had the Joy of Eating Cheese Again

I would say Sauron but then Rings of Power kind of changed my mind about that… Oops? So instead, I’m choosing Ixion from The Aurelian Cycle. He’s just such a jerk.

I’m not going to tag anybody specifically, but if you decide to do it, let me know! I’d love to read your answers.

5 thoughts on “Cheesy Goodness Book Tag

  1. Oh my goodness! I’d seen some of those covers for Howl, and they’re pretty awful, but you found MORE that I hadn’t seen! I really don’t know that any of them accurately capture the feeling of the book. This is definitely one case where the cover and the contents don’t match at all. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! I agree that none of them truly capture the book. I don’t mind some of them (like the Folio Society one is at least pretty), but it still isn’t quite right. 🙂


      • I had a copy of that cover at one point as well (until someone borrowed it and never gave it back *sigh*), and I know exactly what you mean. It’s one of the better covers but it’s not quite enough. I like the Harper Collins one with just the title and some smoky colors but again, it doesn’t quite capture the magic of the story.


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