Things I Did in 2022

I like to make lists so here’s a list of things I did this past year.

  1. Survived having COVID
  2. Read lots of books (234 total, not counting graphic novels/manga)
  3. Bought lots of books
  4. Went sled riding
  5. Celebrated Bekah’s Death Day anniversary
  6. Turned 28
  7. Went to Taco Tuesday at Table 33 for my birthday
  8. Learned how to paint book edges
  9. Celebrated 4 years of marriage
  10. Went on a train ride
  11. Attended the Van Gogh Experience
  12. Revamped my blog
  13. Wrote a few poems I actually like
  14. Bought a new (to me) car
  15. Participated in several photoshoots with my friends
  16. Rewrote an essay that I love
  17. Helped create a mini golf course at work
  18. Celebrated my cousin’s wedding
  19. Honored three Girls Only Gold Medalists from our church
  20. Met a new nephew
  21. Went to Cedar Point three times
  22. Attended a concert at Blossom
  23. Went canoeing
  24. Read an early copy of Rebel, Brave and Brutal by Shannon Dittemore
  25. Went to Kalahari
  26. Played lots and lots of hours of D&D, including being a DM a lot
  27. Won a game or two or Bananagrams
  28. Participated in an Alice in Wonderland themed scavenger hunt
  29. Wrote a new novel
  30. Convinced my husband to start a young adult Bible study at our tiny apartment
  31. Figured out the chronological timeline for The Scorpio Races
  32. Went hiking
  33. Helped a patron at the library become a U.S. citizen
  34. Learned how to write screenplays
  35. Dressed up as a hobbit for Halloween
  36. Attended an author event for Marissa Meyer
  37. Participated in a writing workshop with author Robin Yocum
  38. Shot a lot of Nerf darts at teens
  39. Dressed as an 80s movie character for a bowling night
  40. Wrote three short stories I like
  41. Helped a teen at the library earn a full-ride scholarship for college
  42. Edited an older novel
  43. Participated in 3 different book clubs
  44. Reread The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Uglies, and Twilight series
  45. Finally watched all of the Twilight movies
  46. Let William buy too many succulents and plants
  47. Took and shared more pictures of myself
  48. Created a lot of fun reels for work
  49. Finished listening to the Odyssey Award winner and nominee audiobooks
  50. Read through all of Beverly Cleary’s books

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