Hump Day Happiness

What's making you happy this week? Watching Shrek the Musical on ThanksgivingChicken and wafflesDefeating a witch and a monster house in D&DReceiving the November Owlcrate, which was so freaking adorablemashed potatoesReading a book that completely wrecked me (in a good way)Finishing NaNo early and still having motivation/inspiration to keep going with the storyHot chocolateThe first … Continue reading Hump Day Happiness

Hump Day Thankfulness

What's making you happy this week? Rewriting lots of words for NaNo (and also making those words better than before)Shopping for Christmas presentsMexican foodHiking with my mom and nephewRidiculous D&D shenanigansWatching New Girl and laughingHaving time to readThe Frog Lady from The MandalorianA new lunch box that comes with glass containersPlaying Minecraft Dungeons with William … Continue reading Hump Day Thankfulness