Book Review: Supernova by Marissa Meyer

I think it’s impossible for Marissa Meyer to write a short novel. With the exception of Fairest, which is a novella, all of her books are long. Supernova is no exception. It’s a big book. It’s a long book. Sometimes it feels a little bit too long. But is it worth reading all 549 pages? Oh, yeah.

~Supernova is book three in the Renegades trilogy. There may be slight spoilers for books one and two in the synopsis below.~


As Nova and Adrian struggle to keep their alter egos secret, the battle lines begin to be drawn for a final showdown between the Renegades and Anarchists. Secrets, lies, fears, and betrayals threaten to topple everything they’ve known, and anarchy rears its heads, threatening to reclaim Gatlon City once again.

When I started reading Supernova, I had my doubts. The first half of the book aggravated me. So many of the first major events in the book felt… awkward. Adrian made so many stupid, obvious decisions (Dude, you’re precious and I love your optimism, but you’re so naive), and things happened that later didn’t impact the latter half of the book and the conclusion. So why even put that in there?

Highlight for spoilers: What was the point of having Nova arrested and sent to prison if they weren’t even going to use her knowledge of the jail to break Ace Anarchy out? And the Renegades just let her go so easily because someone randomly appears to a group of teenagers (who are frankly a little too close to the whole Nightmare/Nova conflict) dressed as Nightmare, who also wants to save Nova from such a disastrous fate. No investigation. No interrogation. No evidence other than the words of a villain who also can walk through mirrors. That doesn’t seem enough to let someone out of jail when so many other elements add up to Nova being Nightmare. And they just write off what Danna witnessed as she was duped by Nightmare. It’s bullcrap.

The first half of the book almost didn’t seem necessary. But then the last half of the book was so good, so great, that I can’t fault the book for the beginning. So much happens in the last half of the book. Some parts might be predictable, but it’s more of a “Heck, yes! I was hoping she’d go in that direction” predictable, not boring.

Because Marissa Meyer is ruthless. She doesn’t hold back on the shocking character deaths or shocking plot twists. (So. Many. Plot. Twists.) There were so many moments during that last 100 pages where I wanted to leap off my couch and scream. Even up until the very last freaking page. That ending shook me.

If you’ve read and enjoyed Renegades and Archenemies, don’t stop there. Read Supernova. Get through those first couple hundred pages of what the heck are they doing and read that ending. Because sweet rot, that ending is glorious.

Renegades Trilogy (1)

~I purchased a copy of Supernova by Marissa Meyer and chose to write this review. All opinions are my own.~

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Supernova by Marissa Meyer

    • Yes! There were moments because of the page count that I thought some parts of the plot were dragged out a little too much. But the ending was great and worth it. 🙂


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