Hump Day Happiness

What’s making you happy this week?

  1. Drawing Rover from Animal Crossing with the girls from church and them thinking my drawing is the best, most perfect thing ever (Kids are funny)
  2. Eating cheeseballs and pudding with my nephews, even if one of them is a little thief and steals the cheeseballs from my bowl! (Again, kids are funny)
  3. Teaching my nephew how to jump rope
  4. Listening to the podcast I started with my friends
  5. Quesadilla fajitas from the local Mexican restaurant
  6. Encountering an Owlbear in a DnD campaign
  7. Taking an unexpected nap and actually feel better afterward
  8. A new flannel shirt that’s green and black
  9. Decorating for the fall/Halloween at work and making everything Star Wars themed
  10. William not being silly, never ever. 😉

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