Hump Day Thankfulness

What’s making you happy this week?

  1. Chocolate chip cookies
  2. Sunday afternoon naps
  3. Writing lots of words in my WIP after I didn’t feel like writing
  4. Finally rearranging my island on Animal Crossing
  5. The overwhelming generosity and love of my church family
  6. Messing with my DM while playing D&D
  7. Creating my D&D characters on Hero Forge
  8. Rereading Catching Fire and feeling as tense and uncertain about what was going to happen as I did eleven year ago.
  9. Friends who read my writing and tell me they love it
  10. William being excited about playing online with streamers.

What are you thankful for this week?

  1. My co-workers
  2. Ice cream
  3. The Mandalorian
  4. New friends and old friends
  5. Mashed potatoes
  6. Cardigans
  7. Dogs
  8. Stickers
  9. That William is a hard worker
  10. Grace

One thought on “Hump Day Thankfulness

  1. Honestly, I think right now I’m most thankful for a break from work (but also to have a job to take a break from). Normally at Thanksgiving I would be most grateful for my family, and I still am grateful for them, but this year that comes with the added sadness of not getting to spend tomorrow with my family, and not having had a proper visit in 9 months.

    Happy hump day!

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